About Us

Who are we?

Unsigned Urban Talent also known as UUT, began as a Facebook Group on July 22nd 2020. It was founded by a group of like-minded individuals with years of experience writing, recording and performing around the world. Founders Daphne, Mister Success, Mr. Tef and Lopezito have over 15 years of friendship and professional history together and decided to join forces to form UUT. They understood that there was a need to do more for the independent artist and for artists who are still trying to find their way in the ever evolving landscape that is the music industry.

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They asked themselves “could there be a way to help effectively promote an artist without anyone needing to pay for the promotion” and got to work on the concept. There is no cost to be a member of UUT. UUT is open to all talents no matter what their level of experience. There is a place for everyone, from experienced and professional artists to the “fresh out the box” writers and performers. A number of artists started on UUT as beginners and are now releasing their music on all platforms due to the support and knowledge they have received from UUT. UUT is a network of artists supporting artists. Producers, rappers, graphic artists, singers, songwriters etc; all working towards a common goal and that goal is to share their creativity and knowledge with the world. As the name entails, Unsigned Urban Talent is a movement of URBAN Culture. It is a lifestyle, sound and feeling. It is a place to learn, connect, create and make allies with people around the world with a similar vision. By growing the movement, friendships and the network of talent, UUT effectively grows their ability to promote all UUT members.

What do we do?

UUT uses various platforms to share creative content including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and the unsignedurbantalent.com website. Unsigned Urban Talent Facebook Group UUT has created a platform that shares the artist’s creations in a very selective way. Unlike other music share music groups that will often approve every post, UUT carefully reviews each post before approval.

That means that the Facebook group is not flooded with spam. 3-6 posts are approved daily and members are encouraged to start their day with a cup of coffee and UUT.

The UUT community is unlike any Facebook group around. Many members have expressed that UUT is by far the best FB group they have encountered to receive support and share their music. Also unlike other groups UUT encourages each member to not only invite other artists but to also invite their friends, families and fans to help grow the community. In essence this has enhanced the reach for all members.

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Freestyle Friday/Song writing competitions are a great opportunity for UUT members to win various prizes such as an exclusive beat and/or a $100 USD supplied by UUT sponsors Vargas Driving School 


Click the link to view a UUT Freestyle Friday Competition https://youtu.be/2kFQunJzGLY 

The Hype Spotify Playlist was started to consolidate all of the best songs shared on UUT that have been released onto Spotify. The playlist is promoted weekly is slowly but surely gathering a loyal following of individuals who enjoy and take the time to appreciate unsigned artists and the music they create.

Click the link to get direct access to the playlist and don’t forget to follow the playlist to show support.


Under Da Hood is an online segment where two of the 4 UUT founders Daphne and Lopezito “take a look under the hood” and highlight some of the outstanding talent on UUT

UUT Saturday Chatrooms are held every Saturday morning 8:30am (USA EST). The chatroom is a video call and is open to all UUT members. Artists and producers from around the world pop in and share their experiences and knowledge around the music industry. It is also a great place to receive honest feedback on material from people who understand what it takes to create. UUT chatrooms have been the birth place for many collaborations and sometimes turn into a great cypher room depending on the crowd. There is no specific time requirement, some members drop in for 5 min and some for 5 hours.

Click the link for a sneak peek into one of our chatrooms https://fb.watch/7JyuINL8R2/ 


UUT Studios DR is a brand new recording studio in the Dominican Republic located in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo. The recording studio is in its final stage of development before the official grand opening. UUT founders found the need to establish a place for artists to create to their full potential.

It is located within a bed and breakfast accommodation allowing international artists the opportunity to come record their album and record their music videos for less in the Dominican Republic all while having a place to stay. Consider it an all-inclusive holiday with a work of art to take home rather than a key ring. The next stage for UUT Studios DR is a roof top pavilion with bar, stage and pool, all decorated with the finest street art. An excellent setting for a music video or album launch.

IBG/UUT is an incredible recording studio and the UUT branch in Spain Madrid. It is owned and managed by UUT founder Mr. Tef and focuses on artist development.

UUT goals?

UUT’s aim is to create bigger and better opportunities for artists to showcase their talent.

For example:

  • Bigger competitions and bigger prizes.
  • Increase our network and reach to effectively promote artists who have really put in the effort and deserve to be seen and heard.
  • Enhance our audio visual quality for our online segments.
  • We are working on creating live events and tours with UUT members.
  • Raise funds to help under privileged communities and individuals and to make a positive impact in the world. The UUT logo is a fingerprint for a reason. Not only to leave our individual mark on the world but to make sure it is a positive one. We want the world to know UUT made a difference.
  • Finish the pavilion in UUT studios DR
  • Expand our branches in other countries
  • Enhance the UUT clothing brand with graphic art designs
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