It hits different when the clothes you wear stand for something. Rock the movement, hear the movement, see the movement, feel the movement.


UUT is an ever growing collective of artists and a world wide network of creative minds. We support the independent artist by sharing knowledge and creating opportunites to share talent.

Express your creativity and individuality while being part of a community that supports you.

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Hi crew. Just want to thank everyone for helping me in this journey. Much love and respect
David Santo
Yooo, just want to big up everyone in this group. The amount of love and support I’ve received is insane. Mad love for every single one of you and I want nothing but the best for you guys. The connections I’ve made via this group is crazy.. never in my life did I think I’d be communicating with artists from America etc with me being from a tiny village on the North East coast of England. Let’s keep moving and let’s push things forward. Hope everyone has a great day and I hope all is cool. Love
Fletch Boyd
UUT is family above everything else. It brings people from all around the world together with same love and passion for music and we all support each other. Before I started UUT I had no idea where to start with my career and when I joined UUT I got so much direction and guidance. Thanks UUT without you there'd be no Bloopa!
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